Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Invitation to a symposium

Dear Friends,

Not finding any response to my proposal, regretfully I must postpone any plan to have a larger gathering to discuss the issue of faulty posture. The tentative date of Jan 2014 hence stands postponed to …. 2015? 2016? …. Let’s see. 

My engagement in this field has been almost exclusively through the Net.  Evidently this is not enough; I need to engage through lectures and through the media.

I did give two lectures to small groups of people, which my records show to my surprise was in early 2002 – before I set up my website www.humanposture.com
Subsequently I decided not to give lectures till I got my own posture right. From all that I have learnt in the intervening period, I think I made the right decision. I find a gulf separating my views on posture for that of most others – there are a number of disciplines worldwide trying to solve this problem, including the Medical Profession.

For instance I have been repeatedly stating that clothing, footwear, the way we sit etc. will profoundly influence our posture. I do not find anyone (directly) supporting me in this.

Since the gulf is so wide it would be impractical for me to engage on this issue till I get my own posture right to my satisfaction, otherwise I would be laughed out of town :-)

Nov 11, 2013


(The earlier post)

Dear Friends,

I had proposed that we 'meet' to discuss various issues related to Posture. You can see my original invitation below. Now I am beginning to realize that the agenda I had proposed is meaningless in the world we live in.

To make our 'meet' more meaningful, I would suggest that we invite businesses to this meet to showcase their products, that can help society at large to have better posture and better health. 


1. You could be a manufacturer of better footwear.
2. You could be a fashion designer, with a better idea for uniforms for school children.
3. You could be a dealer in furniture; you may have better ideas for designing study stations for kids.
4. You could be managing a school, where you have created ideal environments for children to grow up having excellent posture; in terms of physical environment, as well as pedagogy relating to what is being taught, and how it is taught, so that health is not compromised.
5.  You could be a Doctor who has fresh ideas on the subject of posture. You may have discovered better ways to correct postural problems. 
6. You could be a 'games innovator' who has come up with better ideas for children's games, so as to ensure that children have good health.  
7. Since good posture is a many faceted thing, you could be a real estate tycoon who has figured out how to build human settlements where residents are better connected, where  children have more open space to play in. Etc... I am sure you will have many more ideas than I have.

Let me extend an invitation to all business who think they have useful products or services that can improve our collective posture and our health to attend this meet. Please feel free to contact me at  sraj99@gmail.com 


I. Selvaraj


Dear Friends,

If you have a scientific interest on the issue of posture, let me invite you to a symposium on the subject in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), India, some time in Jan 2014. Hopefully, we can meet at the beach resort of Kovalam, which has a balmy weather in January, with calm seas, to thrash out a number of issues. Please contact me at sraj99@gmail.com


The symposium will be held on a cost sharing basis. We will aim in this symposium to discuss a wide range of subjects that affect our individual and collective posture. Some examples are:

- Our educational environment

- The way we dress

- The work environment

- Posture and cultural differences

- Posture and sports

- The sleep environment

- The issue of footwear

- The consumer lifestyle

- Work and leisure

- The best way to rest and to recuperate

- Posture and speech

- Posture and work efficiency

- Human posture vs Animal posture

- Posture and human relations (personal, local and global)

- Protecting our environment, how is posture relevant?

- Posture and good health (reducing medical expenses)

- Posture and old age

- The economic impact of faulty posture

- Posture and perceptions of comfort

- Posture and freedom of the jaws (dental problems)

- Posture and freedom of the eye balls (problems with eye sight)

- Work and rest cycle, how it can affect posture

- Religious and other beliefs, can it affect posture?

- Relationship between diet, activity and posture.

- Age 0 to 1, good posture and relative development of motor skills and speech.

- Age 1 to 2 , good posture and relative development of motor skills and speech.

- Age 2 to 3, good posture and relative development of motor skills and speech.

- Age 3 to 6, good posture and relative development of motor skills and speech.

- Age 6 to 12, good posture .... leading to motor skills and scholastic ability.

- Age 12 to 16, good posture .... leading to motor skills and scholastic ability.

- Age 16 to 22, good posture .... leading to motor skills and scholastic ability.

etc.. We plan to spread the net as wide as possible.

(If you have ideas on how the symposium can be conducted in a meaningful way please do contact me).



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